University of Nevada Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

School notes

Degrees Offered



Fiction, Poetry, CNF

Residency type


Program length

3 years

Financial Aid

Fully supported – $15,000 base Graduate Assistantship for ALL students, plus other funding opportunities, including average $4,000 + for International Focus Experience requirement – all tuition is also paid – graduate student health insurance is also paid, which represents an approximate $2,800 added value; access grants and other funding usually raises the amount of the base G.A. by $1,000 + in the 2nd and 3rd years; and 2nd and 3rd year students may apply for $500 in travel support from the English Department for research and/or to attend conferences. The BMI-Ph.D. with Creative Dissertation is a fellowship Ph.D., which offers $26,000, of which $17,000 is a base Ph.D. G.A. and $9,000 is a Black Mountain Institute Fellowship (with graduate student health insurance also paid at approximately $2,800 per year). ALL tuition is paid. Ph.D. students typically divide their duties between teaching and editing (about 50-50). The only deduductions from the G.A. amounts for both the M.F.A. and Ph.D. are apprximately 12% in various university fees taken out of G.A. stipends per semester.

Teaching opportunities

Almost all students teach to fulfill G.A. duties; but some prefer work tutoring students in our Writing Center and/or editorial duties or administrative roles in the department – most students split teaching with another duty

Editorial opportunities

About one-third of our M.F.A. students are engaged in some part of their G.A. duties with one of the journals/magazines published by the English Department or the Black Mountain Institute – “Witness”, “Interim”, or “The Believer” – and gain valuable skills in literary publishing.

Cross-genre study

Cross-genre work is required – ALL M.F.A. students are required to take at least 1 workshop in a genre other than the major genre. (Ph.D. students are not required to do this, but many do anyway).


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