Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA


School notes

Degrees Offered



Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Screenwriting

Residency type


Program length

3 years

Financial Aid

LSU fully funds all students accepted into the program, offering teaching assistantships and a full tuition waiver. Editorial assistantships are also offered yearly at The Southern Review and The New Delta Review. Additionally, one administrative assistantship is offered, as well as one assistantship for the student Director of [Delta Mouth Literary Festival](https://deltamouth.com/ "https://deltamouth.com/").

Teaching opportunities

Most MFA admits will spend their first year as a graduate assistant in a large lecture course, teach composition in their second year, and teach an introductory creative writing class in their 3rd year. Students will have plenty of training before teaching their own class. All MFA students teaching composition are required to enroll in ENGL 7915: Teaching College Composition the semester they become the instructor of record. If you enter the program with 18 or more hours of graduate coursework in English, you may forego work as an assistant in a large lecture course and teach composition as the instructor of record in your first year.

Editorial opportunities

The literary magazine New Delta Review has an editorial team composed of MFA and PhD students, with faculty support. There are many editorial positions available within NDR, including assistant editor, genre editor, and reader. Every year, we offer an assistantship for the Editor-in-Chief of NDR,as well as an assistantship for one student to work as an assistant editor on The Southern Review.

Cross-genre study

Because of the nature of our program, almost all students engage in cross-genre work.


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