Ishrat Husain


Ishrat Husain is a Pakistani-American physician based in Southern California. After twenty-five years of private practice as a dermatologist, she now devotes her time in pursuing her other passion – creative writing. She holds a Certificate in Creative Writing from UCLA and an MFA from San Diego State University. Husain writes both short stories and fiction and her works have been published in the Huffington Post, Fiction International, The California Writers’ Club Magazine ‘Fresh Ink’ and The West Winds Centennial Issue (2010). Her short story Tales from the Toofan Express was nominated for Pushcart Prize in November 2016.

Although her cultural influences from Pakistan and experience as a Muslim immigrant woman in the United States influence her writing, Husain’s work is also informed by her life-long involvement with people of all cultures during her practice as a physician in the United States. Husain has traveled extensively and her short stories and novels take readers into the hearts of people around the world as they examine themes of migration, displacement, alienation and loss.

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Pushcart (Fiction) 2018*

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